Throughout the yearlong Lenin Lives campaign the In Defence of Marxism website will publish at least one theoretical article about Lenin each month. As these are published, we will include links to them here.

Lenin: 100 years on

— Rob Sewell, editor of The Communist

The date of 21 January 2024 marks the centenary of the death of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known to the world as Lenin. He was without doubt one of the greatest revolutionaries who ever lived. By his actions in leading the Bolshevik Party, this extraordinary man literally changed the course of history.

Lenin, communism and the emancipation of women

— Marie Frederiksen, editor of Revolution (Denmark)

The Russian Revolution, led by Lenin, showed that it is possible to do away with the capitalist system that we live under, and to begin building a society without inequality and oppression. Finally, real women’s liberation was on the agenda. It was not just left up to the individual, however, but was part of a collective struggle of all oppressed layers of society.

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